Business Studies

Business and Enterprise is a key government focus and is set to form an important part of the UK’s global economic status, both now and in the future. Business and Enterprise skills provide a fantastic progression pathway into a number of roles in all types of business organisations.  In fact, every organisation is a business – this school, your doctor’s surgery as well as well-known retailers such as Next and Tesco are all business organisations!

Would you like to set up your own business when you leave school? Would you like to progress into higher levels of Business and Management within a company? Why not take a course in Business Studies

The aim of the Business Studies department is to equip students with the knowledge to enter the world of work, set up their own business or go on to study Business further at higher education. Students will learn problem solving techniques, decision making, and presentational skills that will benefit them in many areas of work.

Key Stage 4
Business Studies is currently offered to Key Stage 4 students who study the Pearson GCSE Business course.







Key Stage 5
At Key Stage 5 students follow a BTEC Level 3 course. Topics taught include Business Ownership, Communication within Business, Advertising, Marketing, Customer Service, Recruitment and Selection and Business Finance. More information below:

BTEC Business Course Information
Year 12 & 13 Student Handbook
BTEC Business Unit 1
BTEC Business Unit 2
BTEC Business Unit 3
BTEC Business Learning Journey

Success in Business Studies can lead to an understanding of the role that Business and Finance play in modern society.

Subject Leader – Mr P Charlton

Useful Course Information

GCSE Business Course Structure & Content 2021
GCSE Business Course Details 2021
GCSE Business Course Overview Booklet
EdExcel GCSE Business Studies Learning Journey