Science can be seen in all we touch and all we do. Our suite of subjects; Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Applied Science are designed with this in mind.

Aims and objectives of the Science Department

  • To provide a curriculum that is suited to the differing needs of students of all abilities that is broad, balanced and relevant to everyday life
  • To work together with parents/carers in supporting all students in their learning, to enable them to achieve their best possible examination grades in science
  • To provide a happy, caring, stable, safe and orderly environment in which the best quality of teaching, learning and development can take place;
  • To promote scientific thinking by learning skills and developing an understanding of scientific ideas.

We see our Science students going into many professions ranging from Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary work through Engineering to pure Research Science. The range of opportunities available to the Science graduate or apprentice is huge. Aware of our unique position within the Energy Coast we have positioned ourselves to utilise the expertise and resources around us in industry. This provides students with excellent qualifications, skills and the relevant experience to be successful within these energy based industries.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we aim to develop curiosity and the skills needed to investigate our world. This is done through analysis of the data we generate in experiments.



Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we embed key knowledge and skills to further explore the world of science and to be successful at GCSE readying our students for their next steps. We follow the AQA schemes in GCSE Biology (9-1), Chemistry (9-1) and Physics (9-1) and Combined Science: Trilogy (9-1)


Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 high quality teaching of skills and knowledge in relevant contexts, coupled with opportunities beyond the classroom, prepare our students for A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and L3 Extended Certificates in Applied Science.