Our Mission & Motto

Our Motto – “Through Love of Christ, delight in Virtue.”

Our Mission – At St Benedict’s Catholic High School, we are a community of faith and learning rooted in Gospel teachings and inspired by the Charism of St Benedict. Our virtues and values are entrenched in the wisdom gifted to us through the Rule of St Benedict and these permeate every aspect of our school life. Through our love of Christ, we serve our community and through that service we create global citizens who strive not only for academic excellence, but for a fulfilled life guided by Christ and Virtue.

Our Virtues

Our love of Christ leads us to a life of Virtue, and we truly believe that Virtue and Christ are synonymous with one another, and we embed this ideology into every aspect of our learning at St Benedict’s Catholic High School. Our virtues have been specifically chosen with the modern world in mind but also inspired by our school’s original motto ‘Through knowledge to Truth and Beauty’. The purpose of our virtues are to gently guide our students into a life of virtue and to give them the opportunity to view the world through the eyes of Christ. To strive for ‘Truth’ and ‘Beauty’ through the gift of knowledge. Our virtues are:


“Regard all utensils as if they were the sacred vessels of the altar” (Rule 31)


“Let him be humble” (Rule 31)

Truthful Living

“Through this love, all . . . will now begin to be observed without effort, as though naturally, for habit, . . . out of love for Christ, good habit, and delight in virtue.” (Rule 7)


“They live by the labour of their hands” (Rule 48)


“No one is to pursue what is judged best for oneself, but instead, what is better for someone else.” (Rule 72)


“Listen…with the ear of your heart” (Rule Book Prologue)

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