SEND Provision

SEND Provision at St Benedict’s

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Our school is fully inclusive and students with additional needs are included in all aspects of life here. 

All staff, including the learning support department, work with those students who need additional support within school either academically, socially, emotionally or physically. 

This support is largely offered within mainstream classrooms to ensure that all students are able to access inclusive learning and quality first teaching at an appropriate level. Tasks may be modified or scaffolded for individual students. Students are also supported at social times if appropriate.

Some of our students have a wide range of needs, including difficulties in reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, understanding, communication, self esteem, self confidence, behaviour, hearing impairments, visual impairments, co-ordination, mobility,  learning difficulties, autism, physical and medical difficulties. 

Some students may have an Education, Health and Care Plan.  Others may be identified by the school or by their parents as requiring extra support.

Please refer to our full SEND Policy with SEND Information Report via the Policies Page for more information.

Bridging Classes

As a school we recognise that there are a small number of pupils who transfer to us, who have been highlighted as requiring additional support by our primary feeder schools.  We understand that for some pupils the jump to secondary is a very stressful time both academically and emotionally. 

At St Benedict’s we have well established Year 7 Bridging Classes, taught by an experienced primary trained teacher, who delivers the core curriculum to a small number of pupils at an appropriate level.  This class is supported by teaching assistants.  This ensures a smooth and successful transition to St Benedict’s for all.

We also have a similar smaller classes in all year groups at KS3 and KS4 who follow a bespoke and adapted curriculum, taught by subject specialists and supported by teaching assistants.

Key Stage 3

Most students needs are met through high quality inclusive teaching provided within mainstream classes by teaching assistants who work closely with the class teachers. When additional support is needed the curriculum may be modified or scaffolded for some students. Some 1 to 1 and small group work is also carried out when this is thought to be appropriate and is led by our HLTA’s or STA’s.

Some students are withdrawn from some classes to work on basic literacy skills in a small group. Some students benefit from social skills packages, anger management and ELSA interventions. Some pupils require extra support in Maths/numeracy in small groups or on a 1:1 basis. It is expected that as a result of this additional support all students will acquire independent learning and working skills which they will then carry on into the future.

Key Stage 4

Students may be supported in mainstream classes in some subjects or they may be taught in smaller groups where greater individual tuition can be given and courses can be tailored to their needs.  On occasion some pupils require an alternative curriculum to supplement the core subjects.  Our Pathway 3 offers pupils extra support in English, Maths and Life Skills.

We offer ASDAN entry level courses and AQA units of assessment to ensure all students gain suitable qualifications.

Students enjoying some of our additional offers, Forest School and Farm Life: