Career of the Month


Career of the Month – November

Paralegal Also called: legal assistant, property assistant, contracts assistant. Paralegals carry out research, prepare legal documents and give legal advice to clients. What you’ll do: You could work for many kinds of employer, including law firms, private companies, the not-for-profit-sector, local or central government, the police and the courts. You’ll usually specialise in one area...
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Career of the Month – September

Economist What you will do: • Researching information from computer databases, websites, journals and newspapers • Monitoring past and present economic issues and trends • Creating mathematical models to predict future economic developments • Analysing statistics • Writing reports and presenting findings • Examining the effectiveness of current policies • Advising on the potential economic...
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Career of Month – June

Microbiologist With Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the world news right now, this week we are looking at the role of a Microbiologist. Microbiologists study micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae. Average salary (a year) £27,146 Starter to £105,042 Experienced How to become a microbiologist You can get into this job through: a university course an apprenticeship...
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Career of the Month – May

Occupational Therapist You’ll adapt treatment programmes to suit each client’s needs and lifestyle. Main employers are the NHS and local authority social services. Your work could include: teaching an older patient recovering from a stroke how to do things for themselves encouraging someone suffering with depression to take up a hobby or activity suggesting ways...
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