Student of the Week


Student of the Week – 16th January

Year 7 – Poppy Blacklock – awarded for always trying her best in Science. She is always positive and has worked hard to remember the key scientific words from last term – Mrs Burnup Year 7 – Alex Seymour (not available for photo) – awarded for his fantastic effort and attitude in Science – Mrs...
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Student of the Week – 28th November

Year 7 – Alex Seymour – Awarded for how well he did in his recent assessment in History. He has also been working hard in class and contributing to the lesson – Mrs Bridgman Year 7 – Elizabeth Spencer – Awarded for her involvement in Liam’s chaplaincy lesson in RE – Mrs Needham Year 7...
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Student of the Week – 14th November

Year 7 – Lexie Foster – Awarded for her resilience and perseverance with a difficult Maths test – Mr Humphries Year 7 – Matthew Savage – Awarded for his outstanding classwork and excellent contributions in French – Mr Arins Year 8 – Harry Fox – Awarded for his outstanding work in his first Indian Music...
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Student of the Week – 7th November

Year 7 – Phoebe Priestly – Nominated twice! Firstly for for a great egg timer design which was voted best in the class in Design Technology. Secondly for her good work on cyberbullying presentation in Computer Science – Mrs Longbone & Mr Merry Year 7 – Sophia James – Nominated twice! Firstly for for a...
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Student of the Week – 31st October

Year 7 – Bella Curnow – Awarded for her fantastic fundraising efforts so far for our charity Mary’s Meals – Mr Irving Year 7 – Masie O’Neil – Awarded for for her constant great contributions in her French lessons – Mrs Needham Year 7 – Amelia Telford – Awarded for the beautiful article she wrote...
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Student of the Week – 3rd October

Year 7 – Hanna Hajduga – Awarded for her fantastic attitude to learning in French lessons. She has been very helpful in class and a great role model for her peers – Mrs Jahromi Year 7 – Ashton Watson – Awarded for his fantastic attitude to learning in Art lessons and always willing to help...
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Student of the Week – 26th September

Year 7 – Chinazom Agbata – Nominated twice! Firstly for her fantastic attitude and behaviour & always using polite manners in her Art & Design lessons. Secondly for her fantastic work in Maths – Miss Timney & Mr Walker Year 7 – Jonah Nicholls – Awarded for demonstrating diligence and dignity in English. Jonah is...
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Student of the Week – 4th July

Well done to all of our STUDENT OF THE WEEK WINNERS this week! We couldn’t get photos of all the students this week, as we have a lot out on their work experience. But, they have all still got their certificates and achievement points. Well done! Year 7 – Christopher Mulrain – Christopher is to...
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Student of the Week – 3rd May

Today we presented our new groups of students with their Student of the Week awards! Well done everyone! Year 7 – Charlotte Ackerley – is to be commended for an excellent attitude towards her learning and progress made in French. Well done Charlotte! – Mrs Jahromi Year 7 – Aryana Ramzanalipour – is to be...
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