Students Successfully Complete ‘Your Community’ Project

Mrs Kelso has had the pleasure of presenting two of our students with their certificates this week for the completion of the ‘Your Community’ project.

Robson Bennett (Year 9) and Grace Wright (Year 10) completed the project online every Friday evening between March & April 2021. It was delivered by Centre for Leadership Performance with support and funding from Hello Futures.

‘Your Community’ is designed to provide opportunities for young people to work together alongside local business mentors and gain an insight into the range of careers, roles and skills needed to deliver against any professional project.

The programme connected with young people through Friday evening video conferencing sessions which enabled them to meet and work online with a wide range of employers and professionals, despite being in lockdown

Sessions covered project management, innovating/brainstorming, town planning, building design, infrastructure planning, accounting & finance, quality and health & safety, and marketing & communications.

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