Sixth Form Student completes work experience during lockdown

We’d like to congratulate one of our Sixth Form students, Aaron Eldon who successfully completed some virtual work experience whilst on lockdown in the summer.

White Rose Virtual Work Experience was a one-week programme for Year 12 students to engage with academic research.

The virtual work experience week took place in July. During the week, 127 participants worked with an academic staff member on a research area.

Aaron said:

“We had to choose what physics-related topics we wanted to do and then we were put into groups with a researcher who had written a paper on something related to that particular topic.” 

The week was made up of zoom meetings, group work and research.

Using what they had learnt, the students then reviewed journal articles and produced a conference-style poster, which they shared in small virtual groups at the end of the week.

Aaron said he gained alot from the experience:

“I learned what makes a research poster effective and why this is so important. You have to display your posters at a convention type event and everyone can walk around and look at posters, but if yours is just a hard to read wall of text nobody will be interested in it and so nobody will be interested in the research that went into it even if it is extremely interesting.”

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