New Head Boy & Girl Chosen

This week we appointed our new Head Boy & Head Girl for Sixth Form, along with their deputies.

Indy Warneford and David Labiano are the new Head Girl & Boy for Sixth Form and will lead the Council in the new term.

Indy said:

“I’m very excited to have been given the position of Head Girl at St Benedict’s. I’m proud to represent the other students, and look forward to supporting the younger students’ journey throughout school.”

David commented:

“It is of great honour to have the role of Head Boy here at St. Benedicts. I will make it my mission to provide a voice for the student body, support my fellow peers through thick and thin, and represent the school I proudly hold dear.”

Imogen Pearson and Kai Savage have been chosen as Deputy Head Girl & Boy.

Imogen said:

“I am pleased to have been appointed Deputy Head Girl of St Benedict’s as I’m looking forward to being a part of our council and being able to represent the school.”

Kai Savage said:

“I’m very pleased to Deputy Head Boy of our school. I want to represent the school in the best way possible and try to improve it for other students.”

We’d like to wish them all the best for the new term, and look forward to seeing the work of the Sixth Form Council going forward.

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