Today we have awarded our latest Student of the Week winners with their certificates and achievement points.

Mrs Jackson made the presentations to the students earlier today.

Year 7 Jayden Ackroyd:

Jayden always works so hard in Art! He is very conscientious and a lovely lad!

Year 8 – Tristan Wallis

Tristan is to be commended for his hard work, enthusiasm, effort and progress in his Maths lessons

Year 9 – Louie Graham

Louie is to be commended for his consistently hard work and excellent attitude in every Maths lesson.

Year 10 – Della McBride

Della is setting an excellent example in her History lesson, she got the highest mark in her recall knowledge test and is generally setting a positive example in the class; she is an all round great historian.

Year 11 – Kai Savage

Kai is to be commended for the fantastic achievement in his French assessment and for being such a consistent and enthusiastic student in every single French lesson.

Sixth Form – Millie Hastings

Millie is a fantastic ambassador for the school; she never gives up when facing adversity!

Well done to all of our students, keep up the good work!

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