Important Information

Click here for a colour coded map of the school, for September 2019/20 school year.

Circulation, Colour Coding, and Movement Around the School:

The main building for St Benedict’s is arranged over three floors. There are three stairwells, each with a colour to help students to easily identify their way round school.

Stairwell 1 is Blue

Stairwell 2 is Purple

Stairwell 3 is Red

Each floor is also colour coded with a theme for each of the three floors. On each floor the same colour is used but the area nearest the theatre and the Winter Garden is a pale shade and the area nearest the gable end of the school and the inner courtyard is a darker shade of the same colour. This is to help students recognise where they are in the building.

Ground floor (A) colour theme is turquoise (so light turquoise near the theatre and dark turquoise around the internal courtyard near Art & Design, Food Technology, and Design Technology.

First floor (B) colour theme is pink (so light pink near the Maths department, and dark pink near the English department and Humanities department).

Second floor (C) colour theme is blue (so light blue near RE and MFL departments, and dark blue near the Science department).

Students and staff will move around each floor in an anti-clockwise direction.

Rooms are numbered according to the floor and stairwell, for example: o Room A201 is on the ground floor (turquoise), stairwell 2 (purple), and the first room reached. o Room B103 is on the first floor (pink), stairwell 1 (blue) and the third room reached. o Room C302 is on the second floor (blue), stairwell 3 (red), and is the second room reached.