Students gain CREST Award during Lockdown

Congratulations to three of our students who have gained a CREST BRONZE AWARD during the lockdown period.

Tom Longley (Year 7), and Ashton Hooper (Year 9) both worked on the project ‘The Perfect Cup of Tea.’ While Rowan Johnstone (Year 9) took on the project ‘What makes a good insulator.’

During lockdown they have undertaken the research projects at home. They designed tests, carried out experiments, analysed and evaluated their work, using limited resources in a innovative way.

The quality of the work was amazing and the projects have been awards a Bronze CREST Award. When Mrs Kelso told Tom she was looking forward to him making her a cup of tea, he said he had drank at least  40 cups during the project and hadn’t had another cup since! Over to you Ashton!

Rowan chose to investigate insulation and came up with an excellent method despite not having the usual lab equipment to work with.

CREST awards are recognised nationally and some students report they make them stand out and get them noticed when it comes to applying for university and apprenticeships.

Well done Tom, Rowan and Ashton!

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