Student of the Week

Our first ‘STUDENT OF THE WEEK’ winners have been announced this week, with the Year 11 starting us off.

As they have all worked so hard, the Year 11 team decided to award not one student, but eleven!

All of the other year groups have also had some great nominations this week, with the below being the first winners:

Year 7 – Curtis Smith – Nominated by Mrs Warneford ‘for continuously smashing his maths live lessons!’

Year 8 – Evie Underwood

Year 9 – Elisha Mean- Nominated twice this week, well done! Firstly for Maths by Mr Walker ‘for great ATL and for seeking support with her progress in Maths.’

And also a special mention from Miss O’ Fee for her work in Science.

Year 10 – Bethany Forbes – Beth has been nominated by both Ms O’Fee and her Engineering teacher Mr Stevenson for excellent detailed work and great enthusiasm for the lesson.

Sixth Form – Missy Tyson – Nominated by Mrs Mulrain for spotting an error in her lesson even though that others did not spot!

Well done to everyone, and keep up the hard work!

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