Student of the Week

Congratulations to all of our winners of Student of the Week who have this week received their certificates and achievement points from Mrs Jackson.

Keep up the hard work!

Below are the reasons for their nominations:

Year 7 – Sam Ward“Sam is to be commended for his excellent engagement in English lessons and for producing a poem at home – by choice. It was not set as homework!” – Mrs Bragg

Year 8 – Lexi Morgan“Lexi is to be commended for her resilience and perseverance in Science.” – Mrs Webb-Shirley

Year 9 – Jack Hodgson“Jack is to be commended for his amazing recall of Spanish vocabulary. Well done Jack! So proud!” – Mrs Savage

Year 10 – Curtis Newton (not available for photo) – “Curtis is to be commended for his great effort in Maths lessons. Well done Curtis!” – Mr Walker

Year 11 – Aaron Holliday“Aaron is always pleasant, polite and willing to learn in English lessons. Also, I have to acknowledge his organisational skills, and ability to meet deadlines, especially homework.” – Mrs Thompson

Sixth Form – Rebecca Amor“Rebecca is to be commended for her outstanding work ethic.” Mr Charlton

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