Student of the Week

Congratulations to our last Student of the Week winners for this term! They have all been awarded their achievement points and received a certificate from Mrs Jackson.

Year 7 – Eddie Calvin‘Eddie is to be commended for having a consistently great ATL and always offering to read aloud the book to the class.’ – Mrs Fox

Year 8 – Kian Holliday‘Kian is to be commended for his excellent attitude to learning in Science.’ – Mrs Webb Shirley

Year 9 – Brian Rothery‘Brian is to be congratulated on his awesome verbal answers and huge positive change in RE, as well as for his perseverance in Science lessons. Well done Brian!’ – Miss Tomkinson & Mrs Webb Shirley

Year 10 – Harley Cueto – awarded for ‘excellent scores in both end of topic tests so far in Maths.’ – Mr Sale

Year 11 – Keira Telford – nominated for ‘her outstanding Geography Seneca homework.’ – Mr Hamilton

Sixth Form – Keenan Fowler‘Keenan is to be commended for being the epitome of or motto for the dress code; dress smart, think smart and be smart. An outstanding role model for all our sixth formers!’

Sixth FormKate Starkie – Kate was nominated for her ‘resilience and perseverance shown in DT to complete a difficult task. Mr Stephenson was incredibly proud of her.’

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