Student of the Week

Well done to our latest winners of ‘Student of the Week.’ Each student has been awarded 99 achievement points, and has also received a certificate from Mrs Jackson.

Year 7 – Izzy Rudd

Mr Stevenson nominated by Mr Stevenson “Izzy moves around class during practical sessions with ever growing confidence; she never, ever complains that she cannot do the work or that she finds it too hard.”

Year 8 – Elliana Bennett – Mr Boal nominated Elliana and said “she is to be commended for her outstanding independent work in a practical food lesson.”

Year 9 – Oliver Burrows – Mr Boal also noninated Oliver. “He is to be commended for an outstanding piece of work when writing an order of work for making bread.”

Year 10 – Maddison Dixon – Mr Poddington nominated Maddison “She is to be commended for her ‘good old fashioned hard work and politeness’ in Science lessons.

Year 11 – Kate McBride – Mrs Fox “Kate is to be commended for completing an excellent first big write. great effort!”

Sixth Form – Callum Lightfoot“Callum is exceptionally polite and courteous; he is an excellent role model for all our students.” – Mrs Kar

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