Student of the Week – 25th March

Congratulations to our latest group of ‘Student of the Week’ winners! They have today been presented with their certificates and received their achievement points.

Year 7 – Miller Wood – for excellent effort and ATL – Mrs Thompson, English

Year 8 – Aviya Burns – She has really pushed herself this week. Adding fantastic extra detail to her writing independently. She has fitted back into school life really well and I’m really proud of her – Miss Bright

Year 8 – Alex Fisher – His teamwork and attention to detail during practical this week has been superb. Really impressed – Mrs Burnup, Science

Year 9 – Harley Bowness – for his positive attitude and excellent manners in all lessons – Mrs Warneford

Year 10 – Jasmine Butler – for the superb data and graph work she did while investigating the cooling curve for a sample of wax. It was better than my example graph – Dr. Payne, Physics

Year 11 – Jessica Murdock – for taking responsibility for her learning and progression in Miss Thompson’s English lessons

Jessica Veneziani for exceptional geography work across the past 12 month in Mrs Lee’s Geography lessons

Josh Hewitt for being helpful and hard working in Mrs Kar’s History lessons

Atisha Rooms for being focused and showing determination in Mr Hamilton’s Geography lessons.

Sixth Form – Olivia Goodwin – for excellent effort & commitment – Mrs Kar

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