Student of the Week – 24th June

Congratulations to this weeks’ winners of STUDENT OF THE WEEK! All have not received their 99 achievement points and a certificate.

Year 7 – Leon Kerr “for making a fantastic Amazon Rainforest model” – Mrs Savage

Year 7 – Daniel McGuirk (not available for photo) – “for working hard in all his lessons” – Miss Hunter

Year 7 – Ryley Henry (not available for photo) – “for being a really kind student to his friends” – Mrs Goodwin

Year 8 – Grace Savage“Grace is to be commended for her fantastic exam result in French. Well done Grace!” – Mrs Hannan

Year 9 – Scott Rooney (not available for photo) – Scott is to be commended for making an excellent clay dog in Art and having impeccable behaviour and attitude to lessons; his understanding of “Of Mice and Men” is brilliant! – Miss Longbone & Miss Bradley

Year 10 – Jessica Broatch (not available for photo) – Jessica is to be commended for her awesome exam work in RE. Well done Jessica! – Miss Tomkinson

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