Student of the Week – 20th September

Today we have awarded our first winners of ‘Student of the Week’ with their certificates and achievement points.

Each student was given a certificate from Mrs Jackson, and awarded 50 achievement points. Well done to all of our winners!

Year 7 – Noah McLaughlin – Awarded for making a wonderful start to Year 7 and participating fully in all of his lessons, especially the Science Practical – Miss Lloyd

Year 7 – Kenan Hailes – Awarded for trying his best in Maths, setting out his work beautifully and answering many questions – Miss Hunter

Year 7 – Poppy Blacklock – Awarded for being amazing, and really pushing her working partner beyond his limits in pair work – Mrs Needham

Year 7 – Hannah Simpson-Allen – Awarded for a fantastic level of detail in her first piece of DT work – Mrs Collins

Year 8 – Rhys Williamson – Awarded for making a great start in English and regularly contributing in lesson – Mrs Young

Year 8 – James Mills – Awarded for making a fantastic start to Year 8 and working hard – Mrs Savage

Year 9 – Athena Baker – Awarded for fantastic work and attitude to learning on the Year 9 Computer Science Python programming unit. Well done! – Mr Crosthwaite

Year 9 – Ayrton Broomhead – Awarded for sensible behaviour in lessons and excellent contributions to discussions – Mrs McKee

Year 10 – Josh Coombe – Awarded after receiving two nominations! Firstly in English for his contributions in lessons and his offer to assist in the Open Evening. Secondly for Business for showing great motivation and happy to answer questions with some excellent responses – Miss Thompson & Mr Charlton

Year 10 – Molly Blair – Awarded for her fantastic contribution in tutor time PSHE – Mrs Mulrain

Year 11 – Harlan Fox – Awarded after receiving two nominations! Firstly for his fantastic effort during his first few lessons back in Biology. He had a positive attitude towards his learning and was keen to make progress in Year 11. And secondly for his great attitude to learning in English – Miss McBlain & Mrs Bishop

Year 11 – Tristan Wallis – Awarded for excellent engagement and contributions in all lessons – Mrs McKee

Sixth Form – Matei Lungu – Awarded for being a mature and responsible member of the tutor group and always setting a good example – Mrs Fox

Sixth Form – Jocelyn Mansoory – Awarded for being hard working and motivated. She has produced some great quality work produced for her portfolio work so far – Mr Charlton

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