Student of the Week – 16th January

Year 7 – Poppy Blacklock – awarded for always trying her best in Science. She is always positive and has worked hard to remember the key scientific words from last term – Mrs Burnup

Year 7 – Alex Seymour (not available for photo) – awarded for his fantastic effort and attitude in Science – Mrs Kirkup

Year 8 – Dante Lithgow – awarded for being adventurous and having a go at every exercise without flinching – Mrs Needham

Year 9 – Ashlea Wilson – awarded for great work in Maths – Mr Sale

Year 10 – Tom Longley – nominated twice! Firstly for excellent work ethic and class participation in RE. And also for fantastic work recently on different types of search algorithms in Computer Science – Mr Cruise & Mr Crosthwaite

Year 10 – Aiden Thompson – awarded for great individual submissions into the Cumbria Foundation and Centre for Leadership Performance – Positive Enterprise competition for enterprising ideas – Mr Charlton

Sixth Form – Ellie English – awarded for working extremely hard and being a very dedicated and an excellent student in Sociology – Mrs Kar

Sixth Form – Grace Kerr – awarded for showing focus and determination during her mock exams – Mr Hamilton

Sixth Form – Spike Canavan (not available for photo) – awarded for being a star in Tutor Group! – Mrs Lee

Sixth Form – Scott Monan (not available for photo) – awarded for his outstanding work on his Geography NEA – Mr Hamilton

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