Student of the Week – 13th May

Well done to our latest winners of Student of the Week! All the winners have been awarded their 99 achievement points and certificate.

Below are photos and the reasons for their nominations.

Year 7 – Ace Savage ‘commended for having an excellent Attitude to Learning and maturity. Well done Ace!’ – Mrs Thompson

Year 8 – Jude Henderson‘awarded for being consistently excellent since his return from home learning; he is motivated and keen to complete his work; I am hugely impressed!’ – Mrs Collins

Year 9 – Jacob Schwab & Joshua Finley (not available for photo) – ‘both commended for brilliant revision in preparation for their first Chemistry topic test.’ – Miss O’Fee

Year 11 – Sam Storey (not available for photo) – ‘awarded for working quietly and diligently in class; his self-discipline has been immense and he has now pretty much completed his Engineering coursework’ – Mr Stevenson

Sixth Form – Sonia Veneziani-Rocha (not available for photo) – ‘commended for producing work which shows coherent knowledge and understanding of CCC teaching in human dignity; she always produces work of a very high standard, which is always well presented!’ – Mrs Little

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