St Benedict’s Celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary

St Benedict’s School has this week been celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary with various events for current and former students and staff.

As well as having some special lessons in the style of the 1970’s and a photo exhibition, the school also held an Anniversary Holy Mass, on Thursday led by Bishop Paul Swarbrick.

Guests included ex staff and students, who also had the chance to reminisce over the photo exhibition that had been produced. These included many memories from sporting events and school trips dating back to the seventies.  

St Benedict’s was opened in 1971 with what was at the time a state of the art building. It was led at the time by Jack McCarron who was and still is St Benedict’s longest serving Headteacher.

Since then it has gone from strength to strength and encountered lots of changes, including opening it’s own Sixth Form in the 1980’s, becoming an Engineering college and most recently moving to Campus Whitehaven in 2019.

Mrs Jackson, Headteacher now commented:

“I am proud to have been a pupil, parent & governor at St Benedict’s. But most of all I am privileged to be the Headteacher at St Benedict’s. I don’t think I’ll be here in 50 years time, but I know St Benedict’s will be.”

“We will continue to serve our community for another 50 years. And through that service we will create global citizens who strive not only for academic excellence but a fulfilled life guided by Christ and virtue.”

Liam Millar, Chaplain at St Benedict’s said:

“Last night’s celebration marked the monumental event of St Benedict’s Catholic High School’s 50th Anniversary. Bishop Paul Swarbrick was kind enough to make the lengthy journey from Lancaster to celebrate Holy Mass with our community.”

“It was a truly blessed evening full of joy, laughter and a much needed catch-up. We look forward to serving our community for another 50 years and many more beyond that.”  

Kayleigh Daniels, Chair of Governors at St Benedict’s also attended the event, she said:

“It was such a welcoming and well organised event to celebrate the occasion. The service allowed us to reflect on the privilege and responsibility we all have in delivering stewardship to the school, which has provided so much for students and the community over the past 50 years and will continue to provide for years to come.”

The celebrations are finishing on the last day of term with the students and staff coming to school in 1970’s fancy dress or blue & red photos.

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