Sixth Form for St Joseph’s Students

Our Sixth Form team work closely with St Joseph’s School in Workington to make sure that their Year 11 Students have all the information they need for making a decision about A-Levels.

Our Director of Learning and Student Liaison Officer visit St Joseph’s for assemblies, and open evenings.

We also hold Taster Sessions for Year 11 at the start of the year, to give students an opportunity to visit the school and get a feel for life at our Sixth Form.

Chloe Bragg is one of our current Year 12 students, and joined us in September 2019 from St Joseph’s. She gave us an insight into her first year here at St Benedict’s:

  • What made you decide to come to St Benedict’s Sixth Form?

I enjoyed the atmosphere that was created when we came to visit for open days etc. The teachers all had a welcoming personality and I felt that I was somewhere that I wanted to study for my A-Levels.

  • How easy have you found it to settle in?

I have found it quite easy to settle in. It was harder at the beginning to try and make friends, but I have now found a great groups of friends who made my time much more enjoyable. They have helped me to settle into a new school and adjust to not being in my old school environment.

  • What do you enjoy most about life at Sixth Form?

I enjoy the social aspect, being able to meet and socialise with new people which is good for developing life skills etc. I also enjoy the subjects, particularly sport science because I am a dancer and I didn’t have the opportunity to take this subject at GCSE.

  • What would your advice be to other students from St Joseph’s coming to this Sixth Form?

The Sixth Form is great. Some people may worry about travel but it isn’t that bad. Being a bus user myself I feel that the commute is a lot easier than expected and you get dropped off basically outside of school. Everyone is so welcoming, I worried that I wasn’t going to be able to socialise with everyone else which would hold me back. But, the friendly comradery of all the students and teachers makes it easier and you feel more settled. Where Sixth Form is hard and a bit step up from GCSE as you are a lot more independent. Try to enjoy it and take every opportunity that you can as it’s a once in a lifetime chance to do it.