School Nurse, Miss Dempsey


The health and well being of our students is something we take very seriously.

It is important to inform us if your child has any special medical problems.

We have a qualified nurse, Miss J Dempsey, and fully equipped medical room to deal with emergencies arising DURING THE SCHOOL DAY.

It is therefore essential that we have an up to date emergency contact telephone number.
If students need to go home or to hospital, parents will be informed and will normally be asked to provide transport.


Our School Nurse works closely with other health care professionals and can make direct referrals, if necessary. 


In order for the school to meet your child’s medical needs, our School Nurse will develop a healthcare plan, if necessary. If your child has any health concerns, please contact Miss J Dempsey, School Nurse.


May we remind students that the Medical Room toilets are for genuine emergencies and will otherwise not be available.  The Medical Room is to be used for medical emergencies only.  Injuries and illnesses to be treated or assessed by the School Nurse do not include old injuries.  Injuries sustained the day before do not constitute emergency review by the Nurse. Visits to wash ink from clothes etc are also not a medical emergency and drinks of water are always available during break and lunchtime at the kitchen, not the medical room. 

If a student becomes ill during the school day, they must go and see the school nurse before phoning home. Students are not permitted to phone parents themselves to come and collect them. We hope parents and students fully appreciate this.