Letter from Mrs Jackson – 2nd June 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers

As you are aware, the Government has asked schools to open from Monday, 15th June for some face to face contact with Year 10 and Year 12 pupils.  In addition, schools should be open for vulnerable pupils and pupils whose parents/ carers are key workers.

We have been planning for some time for this to happen and have completed a robust risk assessment.  The health and safety of all of our school community is always our priority.  However, we also acknowledge the need for pupils to meet with their teachers and discuss their learning, particularly in key examination year groups.  Below I have outlined how the provision will look.

Child Care Provision for Key Workers

For the children of key workers, the school will be open to provide supervised child care from Monday, 8th June 2020.

This provision will be based on C floor, so that pupils have access to computers, in order to undertake their online home learning. These pupils will be supervised by a range of teaching and support staff.  The support will not be subject specific.

This provision will be available Monday to Thursday.  It will begin at 9am and finish at 3pm.

Parents will use an online booking system for this facility. The online booking system can be accessed via this link:

Key Worker Child Care Booking Form

Face to Face Contact for Year 10

For pupils currently in Year 10, the school will be offering some limited face to face contact starting from Monday, 15th June 2020.

Year 10 pupils will return for a limited amount of face to face contact with subject specialists over a 4-week period beginning Monday, 15th June 2020.

Year 10 will be split into 4 unique and separate bubbles. Each bubble will attend 1 day a week.

Year 10 pupils will receive 7 lessons of 40 minutes covering English, Maths, Science, RE and their 3 options.  Class sizes will be no bigger than 15.  Each lesson will be led by a subject specialist teacher. The lesson will consist of a tutorial type approach that will allow pupils to ask questions about their home learning.  The specialist will not necessarily be their usual teacher.  We will inform you which day your child has been allocated and it will not be possible to change the day.

The day will begin at 8.50am and finish at 2.30pm.  Pupils will be asked to line up outside school 2 metres apart and enter through the winter garden.  All lessons will be based on B floor and pupils will not move around school.

Pupils will be given a short lunch break and cold food will be available to purchase in the dining hall.  Social distancing will always be adhered to.  If pupils wish to bring a packed lunch it should be kept in their bag until lunchtime and the box should be cleaned when they return home.  Please try to put dinner money on the system at home to reduce the number of pupils using our dinner money machine.

Pupils should wear school shirts, trousers or skirts and black shoes.  They should not wear blazers or ties.  They can bring one small bag and a coat (in inclement weather).  The bag should contain a mobile phone, if they need one and a water bottle.  Pupils should not bring pens or any other stationery into school as these will be provided.

Pupils should not wear any jewellery other than a stud in each ear. They should not wear false nails or other piercings. Headphones should not be worn either and long hair should be tied back.  Please note these rules will apply to staff too.

Bags, water bottles and phones should be cleaned when pupils return home and all uniform should be washed immediately.  If a child arrives at school with a home-made face mask they will be asked to remove it and place it in their bag. They will be provided with a disposable face mask, should they wish to wear one.

Our behaviour policy has been amended to consider social distancing measures.  Please note that if a pupil continually breaks socially distancing rules they will be asked to work at home until they can access school safely.

Please remind your child if they are using public transport that social distancing will also apply when travelling. Unfortunately, the local authority has no plans at present to re-instate school transport.

It is important to remember that when your child is not in school, they should continue with their home learning.

For us to assess how many pupils will be taking up the opportunity of face to face contact we have designed a simple survey.  The survey will enable us to ascertain numbers.  Please follow the link in the email you receive shortly informing you of the day that your child will attend school.

Face to face contact with Year 12

From Monday, 8th June 2020.

All departments will deliver online learning to Year 12 via Microsoft Teams with the camera turned on.  All staff will be issued with protocols for the use of Microsoft Teams face to face learning.  In addition, all Year 12 pupils will be given the opportunity to attend school once during the half term to have an academic review meeting with either the Director of Learning for Sixth Form or the Student Support Officer. Details in this regard will be sent out later.

Years 7, 8 and 9

These year groups should continue with their home learning. Pupils should be doing approximately 3 hours a day and submitting work when it is required.  Pupils should continue to use the weekly check in button.  In addition, staff will begin to contact parents of those pupils who do not appear to be engaging in home learning to offer support and guidance.

Year 9 should continue as far as possible with a broad curriculum however, we understand that they will want to put most efforts into their Year 10 option subjects.

Years 11 and 13

At this time of year, pupils would normally begin their study leave until the end of their exams. Obviously, this year things are different.  We do not expect Year 11 or Year 13 pupils to use the weekly check in system.  Pupils can still contact us if they have any concerns or need any support, especially around their plans for next year.

For those pupils in Year 11 transferring to our Sixth Form, transition work is available in your chosen subjects via Microsoft Teams.

Thank you for your continued support in these very uncertain times.  The support of our families is extremely important to us.

We miss you

Emma Jackson

Head Teacher

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