Letter from Mrs Jackson – 11th September

Dear Parents/ Carers

As we draw towards the end of our first full week I wanted to contact you to thank you for the enormous amount of support we have had during this unprecedented time.

It has been a pleasure to welcome our new Year 7 and 12 students. They have settled quickly and it is lovely to see so many of them making new friends.

We have also welcomed a number of new staff to school and we wish them well in their new posts.  You may be aware that we also have a new Assistant Headteacher, Miss Powe, who is responsible for behaviour and standards across the school.

Another change that you should now be aware of is that we no longer use Milk as an online planner.  Edulink One is the replacement for Milk and Mr Redhead has sent out a range of information about using this platform.  We are confident that it is much more accessible and user friendly than Milk.

Our attendance has been around the 95% level all week, and although I would always like attendance to be higher, this figure is broadly average, which I am delighted about.

The students are becoming used to our new procedures, including using different entrances, wearing masks and staggered break and lunch times. The behaviour of the large majority of our students has been exceptional.  

We have sent out a range of information around symptoms of COVID-19 and testing and please take time to read this material.

Thank you to all who send their children to school in the appropriate uniform – this is really helpful and makes life in school much calmer.  Miss Powe will continue to send reminders to those who are unsure about our uniform expectations.

All departments have worked hard to plan a curriculum that allows students to catch up and recover academically after lock down.  Please encourage your child to work hard and complete all homework that is set.

We know that the traffic situation is very difficult.  We will continue to urge everyone to park appropriately and be considerate to others.  Obviously, as a school we cannot be responsible for the behaviour of drivers on the public highway, but we would urge everyone to be sensible and patient and only park in designated areas.

If you wish to contact us at school, all of our contact details, including direct emails for tutors, are available via our website.  Rather than using your social media platforms, it is always best to contact us directly so that we can help at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you for your continued support, it is very much appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Emma Jackson

Head Teacher

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