Home Learning: Students

St Benedict's Home Learning Centre: STUDENTS

Step 2: Every Monday 'Check-in'

As part of our safeguarding and well-being support for students, we ask students to press the 'check-in' button below and complete the well-being questions.


Step 3: Access Home Learning Resources

Below you will find a link to work set by your teachers. You will be asked to sign in – This is your full school email address and the password for the computers in school – your email will be: username@st-benedicts.cumbria.sch.uk


Note: the username is your login number you enter when logging in.


Use of Microsoft Teams

Some subjects are using Microsoft Teams to allow you to talk to your teacher or submit work online. Check the Home Learning Resources page (above), to see if your teacher is using Teams.

Step 4: Make sure I know how to keep myself safe

Below you will find a range of resources that give you advice and support. Don't forget you can find out lot's more information by using the school's 'Stay Safe' app. 

St Benedict's Stay Safe Mobile App

You can also access the Stay Safe service via Microsoft Teams - on the menu bar.


Stay Safe App
Stay Safe App

Useful Resources

CAMHS Resources

E-School Nurse

Report a concern I have about my or someone else's safety

Use the form below to contact a member of the school safeguarding team.

[everest_form id="9461"]

Step 5: How to...

Not sure how to use the tools? Access the how to guides below.

Using a PC or a Mac

How to open a document using Microsoft 365 Online


Using Teams: Students