Travel & Tourism


A Level Travel & Tourism offers a more vocational perspective where students develop all the necessary skills related to Travel and Tourism as a growth industry. Prior study of the subject at GCSE level is not essential. The benefits of the course include an opportunity to develop practical and technical skills relevant to the Travel and Tourism industry and participate in visits to Travel and Tourism organisations and destinations.

Travel and Tourism aims to encourage candidates to develop broad skills, knowledge and understanding of the Travel and Tourism industry and should prepare candidates for further study or training in Travel and Tourism related occupations.

The aims of the Travel and Tourism course are to encourage candidates to:

  • develop and sustain an interest in Travel and Tourism and the issues affecting the development of the industry and its potential effect on employment opportunities;
  • appreciate the importance of the customer to the Travel and Tourism industry;
  • appreciate the importance of host destinations and communities to the Travel and Tourism industry and the importance of sustainable development;
  • appreciate the positive and negative impacts Travel and Tourism may have on people, the environment and economy.

We want students who have an interest in travel, holidays and world destinations; can work independently resourcing travel related topics and are able to demonstrate good communication skills and customer care. Students will be assessed through two portfolios of work developed by the students which are graded within school and then sent to the exam board to be moderated.  There is also one public examination set by the board in each year.

Travel & Tourism complements a wide range of other subjects, including Geography, English and PE, but these are by no means an exhaustive list, nor are they pre-requisites of the course. Qualifications achieved may be used either to enhance students’ job opportunities within the Travel and Tourism industry or to fulfil requirements for university.  Those students seeking to study travel related courses will find this course highly beneficial as they progress.

Department Head – Mrs J Lee