Sociology is a popular subject at A Level. It focuses on how people behave in groups and covers a wide range of topics including crime and deviance and education.  Lessons involve a mix of individual, paired and group work with plenty of opportunity for discussion as well as a focus on developing exam skills, including essay writing.

In Year 12 students will study the following compulsory units;

  • Education, Methods in Context and Research Methods and one of the following optional topics: Families and households; Culture and identity; Health; Work, poverty and welfare.

For the full A level, compulsory units are:

  • Education with theory and methods and Crime and Deviance with theory and methods.  Optional topics include Families and Households, Beliefs in Society and the Media.

We want students who have an interest in how contemporary society works. They will need to be able to develop critical and reflective thinking skills.  A respect for social diversity is crucial to enable students to develop their own sociological awareness through active engagement with the social world around them.  Students will often need to be able to question their own values and beliefs and must be open-minded in their approach to this subject.

For students in Year 12, there are two exams; there is no coursework.  For those doing the full A level, there are three exams.

Its focus on the study of human social behaviour means that Sociology goes well with subjects such as History, Geography, Health & Social Care and Psychology. Sociology is very useful for any job role involving working with people, such as social work, nursing, teaching, the police or human resources.

A-Level Sociology Course Guide