7 Josephine – Mr Marr

Hello, I am Mr Marr and I’m a new music teacher here at St Benedict’s. I was born and raised in Sheffield and therefore my favourite football team is Sheffield Wednesday! I have a strong passion for music and I have performed in several venues in Sheffield and Manchester.

I play Piano, Guitar, Drums and Bass and my three favourite bands are the Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and The 1975. Alongside music, I have been an active participant in outdoor adventuring. I have attended regional hiking competitions and have instructed older students in learning how to climb and build rafts. I am looking forward to meeting you all. Welcome to St. Benedict’s!

What’s your favourite part of being a Year 7 tutor?

I am looking forward in helping my tutor group navigate their way through a new environment. I will help you gain new skills so you will make the most out of your individual learning.

What makes you happy?

1.   Seeing Sheffield Wednesday actually win a game.

2.   Performing original songs in front of a new audience.

3.   Travelling with my friends.

4.   Attending live sporting events and music shows.

Advice for your new tutor group:

1.   Everyone in your year will be in the same position, so do not be scared when new challenges arise.

2.   Success is not determined whether you are right or wrong, success is what you have achieved during the experience.

3.   The word ‘FAIL’ is just your First Attempt ILearning. Don’t let this word stop you.