Prayer & Liturgy

At St. Benedict’s our Prayer & Liturgy reflects our Christian character. The Bible underpins our worship. We are inclusive and welcome all.

Our aim is for our worship to be prayerful, respectful and relevant. It is an essential part of the school day. It takes various forms including, shared prayer, assemblies, music, song, reflection and Holy Mass.

We value student preparation and participation. The Liturgical year gives our Collective Worship its framework. The needs and events of our School, our community and the wider world make up its content.

Partnership with Parents and Guardians

We recognise the vital role parents and carers play in the education and formation of their children. We actively seek your involvement, support, and collaboration in your child’s learning journey.

Collective worship provides an opportunity for parents and carers to engage with your child’s spiritual development. We welcome Parents and carers to events in school that allow you to worship alongside your child. For example, masses, Carol Services and other services.

We would encourage shared worship at home, including through events such as praying the Rosary.

The Chapel

Our school chapel serves as a sacred space for students to explore their faith, connect with their spirituality, and find peace amidst a busy school day. We understand the importance of providing opportunities for prayer in our chapel, and it is open to students at various points and upon request. Whether it’s a moment of quiet reflection, communal prayer, or participating in Mass, our chapel is a welcoming and peaceful environment for students to nurture their relationship with God.

Morning Prayer

Each morning our students take part in a daily act of prayer and worship during registration. The prayer resources are created by our Lay Chaplain with assistance from our student Chaplaincy representatives and cover a variety of themes shaped by our Sunday Gospels and the Liturgical calendar. Students are guided through these resources by their Tutor and are invited to participate throughout. The prayer resources always include the following:

  • Introduction to the Prayer theme
  • Celebration of the Word
  • Gospel/Theme links
  • Discussion points
  • Visual resources – videos/images
  • Collective Prayer
  • Silent intentional Prayer


The celebration of the sacraments is a cornerstone of our school’s Catholic life, profoundly enriching the spiritual journey of our students. At St. Benedict’s, we hold the celebration of Holy Mass and the sacrament of Reconciliation in high regard. These sacraments provide a sacred opportunity for our students to deepen their relationship with God and their understanding of their faith.

We celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation during the holy seasons of Advent and Lent, providing students with a chance for self-reflection, penance, and forgiveness as they prepare to welcome Christ into their lives during these significant times of the liturgical year.

Students are invited and encouraged to take part in the planning, preparation, and participation in the celebration of Sacraments in school. Students are welcome to join the programme of confirmation during their time at St Benedict’s.