New Year 7 Challenges Initiative is a Hit!

This term we launched the new Year 7 Challenges initiative, which is a personal development programme giving students different ‘challenges’ to complete.

The monthly challenges have seen our students finding something to look forward to every day. From growing something to eat and the latest challenge is to develop the character trait of enthusiasm, go to visit an Art exhibition helps to acquire the virtues of Stewardship and diligence.

By developing Character we are:

gaining skills to be successful in society;, developing resilience acquiring ‘virtues’ which become our habit becoming confident Are able to make  our point and understand the point of view of others respectfully behave with courtesy and good manners and have an appreciation of developing long-term commitments for a fulfilled life.

The pupils carry out the challenges with family and friends and record their progress in the challenges App and on Unifrog.

We have awarded our first award to our 2022 Challenges champion to Dexter Telford. Dexter has regularly found something to look forward to every day including spending time with family and friends. He has planted his seed in a plant pot and it has developed but not fully.

Other students have said:

I’m looking forward to my art lesson.

I am looking forward to going to my sisters prize day in Windermere.

I am looking forward to Haggerston Castle over the break.

I was looking forward to playing in a cricket match and we won against Cockermouth.

I was looking forward to getting up and reading my book.

I was look into forward to joining my friends in Warhammer club.

This helps us develop the character traits of ‘care’ and the virtues of ‘dignity’ and ‘humility.’

And we have had lots of success in growing plants which will provide us with something to eat developing our character traits of ‘productivity’ and our virtues of ‘stewardship’ and ‘diligence.’

Well done Year 7!!

We look forward to the whole of Key Stage 3 having their monthly challenge launching in tutor time in September.

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