Year 10 Drop Down Day focusses on students’ futures

Our most recent Drop Down Day for Year 10 was very much focussed on success in the future.

We had Emily from Hello Futures delivering a Future Pathways workshop which help us to see all the options available to us at 16, 18 and beyond. She said:

“We delivered workshops covering progression routes, which educates and provides students the chance to plan out what comes next after GCSEs. The students all have fantastic ideas for their futures, and it was a privilege to hear about them. Having these conversations allows us to offer advice that will help these students achieve their goals. The workshops also helped open dialogue between students and staff. Seeing the students have frank conversations with their teachers about the importance of GCSEs really did make our day.”

Gillian from Lakes College was making sure we knew all the opportunities Lakes College has to offer and the wide variety of opportunities in further and higher education.

Ben from Worth Educating was helping us to identify the features of Healthy relationships and the importance of role models. We found out about misogyny and coercive control and what to do if we found ourselves in a relationship that wasn’t mutually respectful.  Ben said:

“The pupils engaged well with what at times can be a heavy / uncomfortable topic. But I think many of them acknowledge the importance of these themes and want to discuss them in these safe spaces, particularly how masculinity, whether positive or unhealthy, impacts everyone!”

Vicky from INSPIRA was supported by various businesses and was helping students to understand about apprenticeships and aptitude tests.

Nicola from All Together Cumbria was supported by people from Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, KBR, DWP, NIS and Sellafield Ltd. She commented:

“It’s so important that we start talking to students about interviews in Year 10 and to start thinking about what answers they may give to questions. The students loved practicing interviewing each-other with our made-up apprenticeships such as Apprentice Lion Tamer and Apprentice Zombie! They all grew in confidence throughout the workshop – well done everyone!”

All of the Year 10 students commented on how valuable each of the sessions were in preparing them for their future. They felt well informed about the options available to them. They felt the topics raised in the Healthy relationships session were important and appreciated the supportive discussions Ben and Meghan facilitated.

We are delighted with all the support we have from the local business community and external agencies to ensure our Personal Development Programme is relevant, up to date and impactful.