History Key Stage 4

As part of our AQA GCSE History course, our students are able to examine a range of topics including Health and the People from the Middle Ages to the present day, Elizabethan England, the causes and course of World War One and America between 1840 and 1895 or Germany between 1890 and 1945. The new GCSE course is assessed by two exams at the end of Year 11 and allows our students to appreciate the connections between local, national and international history through a study of a variety of historical time periods. The questions test a variety of skills and concepts that we deliver throughout Key Stage 3 so our students are in a position to be confident with the exam papers.


GCSE Transition Homework – Download
GCSE Transition Homework Writing Frame – Download

Key Stage 4 Overview – Download

Key Stage 4 Knowledge Organisers and Ever Heard the WordsDownload Below:

Health & the People
Germany 1890 -1945 
Elizabethan England

Exam question booklets – Download below:

History Paper One –  Germany 1890 – 1945
History Paper One – Conflict & Tension (WWI)
History Paper Two – Elizabethan England
History Paper Two – Health & the People

Revision Workbooks – Download below:

WWI Revision Booklet
Health and the People Revision Workbook
Elizabethan England Revision Workbook
Germany 1890 – 1945

Revision Cards – Download below:

WWI Revision Cards
Germany Revision cards
Health and the People Revision Cards
Elizabethan England Revision Cards

Revision Word Clouds:

WWI Word Clouds
Nazi Germany Word Clouds

Health & the People Word Clouds

Taboo Cards:

Conflict & Tension WWI
Democracy & Dictatorship Nazi Germany
Elizabethan England
Health & the People