Our Year 8 students have recently taken part in a ‘Tyre Challenge’ designed to help develop various skills they will need in their careers choices going forward. 

There were lots of different activities throughout the day, with the students being tasked with setting up a business and coming up with creative ideas to deal with used tyres. 

Students had to come up with three different ideas of what wasted tyres could be used for. They then had to work in teams and delegate different responsibilities to each member. They were given a budget of £3000 and had to work together to create something that would benefit the community. 

They were asked to design logos, work on branding and manage the budgets before presenting their ideas to a team of experts! 

Dean Hodgson, a former student at St Benedict’s volunteered at the event. He now works for Canon UK. He commented:

“The pupils were amazing, well behaved and a true credit to your school. Having delivered sessions in many school over the country and in Cumbria before I’ve got to say the behaviour, engagement and enthusiasm the students had was wonderful to see.”

“The ideas they came up with were unbelievable with the business plans being good enough to run with as a startup.”

Students all enjoyed the day, and gained alot from it. Some of their comments about what went well were:

“I developed my confidence to speak in front of a group.”

“I think the challenge was interesting and entertaining especially the presentation.”

“Working with my team to come up with ideas and make a presentation.”