We have recently had the pleasure of welcoming some special visitors into school to help with some research students are carrying out.

Miss Tomkinson’s Year 11 RE Asdan group have, as part of their course, been researching the lives of four women who were born over 75 years ago. They researched what life would have been like during the war and after the war in school, the part religion has played in their life and what opportunities they would have had as women in the post war years.

The group found out huge amounts about their home town that they didn’t know before and then they were lucky enough to interview Mrs Cox and Mrs Carruthers about their experiences.  Both were former teachers, and lots of interesting facts to share with our students. 

Miss Tomkinson said: “We heard how strict schools were, how the evacuees were treated in Parton, when TV sets arrived, and all about fashion and the  musical tastes of our two guests during their teenage years.”

Thank you to our lovely guests for taking the time to come and talk to our students.