Student of the Week

Our students are working so hard during this latest lockdown, that we have decided to award more than one STUDENT OF THE WEEK, each week from the various nominations we receive.

Below are this weeks winners, along with reasons for their nominations. Well done everyone!!

Year 7:

Xanthe Tyson – Mrs Bragg, English – “She has worked really hard on her big write.”
Daisy Blacklock – Mrs Needham, RE – “Daisy definitely deserves it this week for RE. The students were working in breakout rooms, and Daisy was organising everybody else, doing all the work & giving advice when needed. She is absolutely amazing in every single lesson.”
Lyndon Doran – Mr Boal, Food – “for excellent work on Fats in Food.”
Poppy Daniels – Mrs Hannan , French – “Poppy is absolutely “rocking” French at the moment, fantastic participation, very enthusiastic and great work completed.”
Corey Graham – Mrs Longbone, Art – “for his amazing work in Art.”

Year 8:

Amelia Ashforth-Horrocks – Mrs Needham, RE – “for her “I have a dream” speech.”
Elsie Fox – Miss Powe, PE – “for her brilliant effort in all PE lessons and doing lots of extra running and cycling.”
Charlotte Weighman“for her amazing photography.”
Isaac Musgrave – Mrs Needham, French – “for his attendance to lessons, work completed and constant enthusiasm. He is absolutely fabulous.”
Tom Coulson – Mrs Bridgman, History & Mr Sale, Maths – “for his great contribution in History & his work in Maths.”

Year 9:

Ben Pearce – Two Nomination this week from Mrs Needham for attending every lesson, working well in each and every lesson and submitting great work. Really impressed. Secondly from Mr Merry – Good engagement in online lessons.
Elisha Mean – Two nomination this week. Miss Burnup for working exceptionally hard, completes work to a high standard. The last two weeks work 100% and 98% very impressive. Secondly, Mrs Hannan for being a star in French, always submits her work on time and is a delight to teach.
Maisie Blamire – Mrs Thompson for excellent work submitted this week.

Year 10:

Shane Tyson – For engineering for using the correct terminology,  Mr Stevenson says he’s a ‘machine’ turning in all of this online learning. Shane was also nominated by his RE teacher, Mrs Rush for excellent work and contribution.

Year 11:

Jack Curwen – for excellent effort and engagement; trying really hard and have been in every single French lesson so far. Mrs Jahromi

Jack Gunn – In English, Miss Thompson is absolutely delighted with Jacks effort.  He has submitted work every day in and it’s been very pleasing. Also Jack is doing great in Science lessons and sending his completed work within the lesson timeframe to Miss O’Fee

Conner Pearson – has made excellent effort and engagement in his French lesson. He is trying really hard and have been in every single lesson so far

Ava Gill – is just fantastic, she participates in the lessons and completes all her work in RE. She is putting great effort into her learning.

Leinia Rooney – for making contact to sort out an issue and trying her best in maths. Also her conscientious and hard work in RE.

Sixth Form:

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