Student of the Week

Our first Student of the Week certificates of 2020 have been handed out today by Mrs Jackson.

Year 7 Jacob Stewardson

Jacob is to be commended for the extreme generosity in his charity donation during recent fundraising

Year 9 Courtney Robinson

Courtney was amazing in both French lessons last week; she volunteered answers and was keen to prepare for her upcoming test. Courtney was also organised enough to bring her own revision cards and her attitude was incredibly pleasant throughout.

Year 10 Will Heywood

Will did some exceptional work in Physics last week; he has been solving some very challenging problems using Maths skills.

Year 11 Imogen Pearson

Imogen is to be commended for her exemplary work in Geography.

Sixth Form Joey Robinson

Joey is to be commended for his exceptional work ethic.

Students awarded but no photo available:

Year 8 Joshua Groggins – Joshua is to be commended for a consistently excellent attitude and work ethic in Maths.

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