What our Students Say


Jasmine Butterworth- Year 12, St. Joseph’s Catholic High School Workington

I chose to come to St. Benedict’s school because it has the best Sixth Form in the area. Their open evening was very impressive as the teachers provided lots of information about the different courses and you have the opportunity to talk to students doing their A-levels and hear from them what Sixth Form is like. St. Benedict’s continue to get excellent A-level results every year and the learning facilities where you can go in your private study periods are very good. Currently, I am studying Mathematics, Chemistry, English Language and Government & Politics which are all challenging but very interesting. I am hoping to go to a Russell Group University after I complete my A-levels but at the moment I’m not quite sure what I would like to do as a career when I’m older. Getting A-level qualifications will give you so many more options in the future. You’re given a lot more independence and this helps you be more organised which is a very important skill needed for the future. There is also a lot of support from teachers and other staff members who are always there give advice and help.

Patrick Clark, Year 12- St. Benedict’s

I decided upon St. Benedict’s Sixth form because I was familiar with the teachers and the building as I was as a secondary student here. Also a lot of my close friends were staying on so it made the decision of staying here a lot easier. I has a very positive experience with the teachers at secondary level so it made sense to continue this relationship into sixth form as the teachers will have a decent background to my learning capabilities which is very reassuring. I am studying Geography, Applied Science, Product Design and an EPQ (extended project). In terms of what I will do after sixth form I really don’t know yet. I have looked into different apprenticeships involved with engineering and a few of them appeal to me, but I am also interested in acting and the film industry so maybe university might be a possible route for me to go down. Sixth Form at St. Benedict’s is far from boring. There is always something to get involved in whether it is charity events or sports activities. RE day is a great example of how the school keeps things interesting as it breaks away from the normal school schedule to focus on real world issues and is filled with different activities on how future generations could deal with these issues. The teachers are very hard working and are always keeping an eye on each individual’s academic progress to make sure they can get where they need to be. I think this mix of hard working yet understanding teachers is what makes the sixth form more successful.

Clare Hastings- Year 12, St. Benedict’s

I have come to this Sixth form after studying at St Benedict’s for 5 years prior as I wanted to develop my learning. During those 5 years I have always enjoyed the style of learning taught here and the relationships I have gained with the teachers and other students. I am currently studying Government & Politics, English Literature, Performing Arts and Philosophy & Ethics. I want to go to university after Sixth form and pursue a career in Law. This Sixth form makes me feel very comfortable and all the teachers and older students are approachable if I have any problems. The facilities available for the students here are key in developing our education and makes for great results in the end!

Jasper Lithgow- Year 12, Whitehaven Academy

I chose St. Benedict’s Sixth Form for a combination of reasons. My sister had come to this sixth form for Whitehaven school two years ago, and had loved her time as part of the community here. She spoke highly of the staff, and their support of, and commitment to, the students. This became quite clear to me when I came along to the taster day in the summer. I felt welcomed and as though I was being treated less like a year 11 student and more like a young adult. Despite visiting several other sixth form centres in the area, none had such a genial atmosphere. I could sense immediately that this was the right place for me to spend such an important to years; to learn and develop as an individual.

Stephanie Mills- Year 12, St. Benedicts (year 7-9) Keswick Academy (year 9-11)

St Benedict’s Sixth form appealed to me above other local Sixth forms because of the opportunities I feel are available to me here, especially after hearing about previous years’ extremely successful A-level results. The open day won me over, as it showcased everything the Sixth form has to offer, and since beginning my studies here I am confident that my choice was the right one. I am studying English Language, Applied Science, Health and Social and Philosophy and Ethics at A level. I am enjoying the independence of sixth form and have found that the staff at St. Benedict’s are supportive and keen to help make the transition from GSCE to A Level as smooth as possible.

Matthew Bland- Year 13, St. Benedict’s

I decided to come to this Sixth Form because the quality of teaching is excellent and is one of the only Sixth Forms in the area that offer A Level Government and Politics. I am studying History, French and Government & Politics. Also, I have started studying for the Extended Project Qualification. My plan is to study History and Archaeology at university and I hope to then go on and study for a Museum Studies qualification. This will hopefully allow me to progress into a career in the Museum Industry. I like the wide variety of fundraising events and activities that are arranged by the sixth form can get involved and participate in them. I also like the fact that there is always support on offer from the Sixth Form team and they are always there to help with any problems you may have.

Patrick Brennan- Year 13, St. Benedict’s

I decided to come to the Sixth Form because I enjoyed my time here throughout my secondary years, and looked forward to continuing my education here. I am studying Maths, Physics and Philosophy & Ethics at A level. I enjoy the independence and responsibility that comes with Sixth Form, and I am confident that this sixth form provides students with the skills required to progress on to employment or university. I enjoy working in the school council to promote fundraising within the school community.

Emily Garroway- Year 13, St. Benedict’s

The main reason I came to West Cumbria Sixth form was because of the first class support they offer all of their students. The progress of each individual student is the priority of all the Sixth form staff which was an important aspect for me. I chose to study Physics, Product design and English Literature at Sixth form. In the future I plan to achieve a higher level apprenticeship within the engineering industry or study Civil Engineering at university. My favourite thing about Sixth form is the friendly, positive atmosphere and the opportunity to be viewed and treated as adults.

Nicholas Maudling- Year 13, St. Benedict’s

I chose to continue my education at St. Benedict’s because I already had good relationships with staff and I felt part of the schools community and it was the best option for me to further my learning. At the moment I study Maths, Physics and Product Design which I hope will enable me to get the grades I need to get a degree level apprenticeship. One thing which stands out about this sixth form is having private studies which allows me to independently work and further my studying.

Isabel Robinson- Year 13, Southfield Workington

St. Benedict’s was my first choice for education at Sixth Form. I spent a great deal of time considering all the available Sixth Form opportunities however, St. Benedict’s topped the list, both for its reputation for great results and the excellent introduction to the school I received at the open day. I am currently studying A levels in: Art, Business and Government & Politics. What I like most about the sixth form is the support I have received from my teachers and friends I have made along the way. For my future plans I wish to go study Graphic Design at university.