Welcome – New Year 7 Students


Although moving to secondary school is a big change and it may seem daunting, trust us, it’s not! You will feel nervous and worried but you are not alone; everyone around you is going through the same thing. It will take time to get used to how things work around here, but within a few weeks it will feel natural to you.



Welcome to St Benedict’s. It is my role to support the Year 7 team in making sure that everything you need is in place.  I see it as my role to make sure that you understand what you need to do in order to be successful and are in the position to make the right choices. 

Year 7 is the start of your secondary school journey, you will be exposed to everything you need in order to to choose a future and also prepare yourself to be successful in that chosen future. 

It is my role to ensure that by the end of Year 11, you are ready for all possible options, be it joining our 6th Form, a college place or an apprenticeship. You will have some amazing opportunities to better yourself at St Benedict’s. Just remember whatever your starting point, always  try your hardest and take the opportunities as they are presented. 


Message from the Year 7 Team

Director of Learning

Mrs Young – Year 7 Director of Learning

Hello and welcome to Year 7 at St Benedict’s. Throughout the year it is my job to ensure that you are progressing academically, emotionally and socially. I will track how you are doing throughout the year in your assessments and offer support to help you achieve your potential. I am also here to help you develop as a young person and support you with the challenges that you may face in secondary school. As well as being the Director of Learning, I also teach English, so if you need me you can often find me either in B206 or the Year 7 office on the ground floor (A) opposite A202.






Learning Mentor

Mrs Goodwin – Year 7
Learning Mentor

Hi! My job as learning mentor is to work alongside Mrs Hughes and help support students in whichever way that I can. You will often see me in some of your lessons and I also teach an SRA class to help students with their reading. Along with Avril, our school nurse, we run a self-esteem group throughout the year to help students with a range of things such as gaining more confidence, helping them to settle in and find friends and adjusting to secondary school life. I am always available if you are struggling with any issues or just want someone to talk to. You can find me on the Ground Floor (A) apposite A202.