Student Role Models

Last week Sixth Formers Jack, Charleigh, Scott, David and Matei spoke in assembly as student role models about their high aspirations. 

They addressed Year 10 students and made a huge impact, talking about their dreams and how they are working hard to achieve them.

They told students about academic and sporting excellence and the importance of having a Plan B and never be afraid of changing your mind. Year 10 heard about the importance of setting of goals, of being resilient and going out there and taking the opportunities on offer and the doors that they can open. They also learnt not to make assumptions. 

The Sixth Formers talked about our school virtue of diligence and how we should look at how we can compete out tasks to the best of our ability.

Our reading last week told students that they can have high aspirations and that hard work and understanding of God’s plan for them will help them to become the best they can be. 

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