Student of the Week

Congratulations to our final winners of the Student of the Week of this term.

All the students have been awarded 99 achievement points, and received a certificate from Mrs Jackson.

Year 8 – Dylan Mills – “Dylan is to be commended for being polite, helpful and always giving maximum effort in his RE work.” – Mr Leightell

Year 9 – Tristan Wallis – “Tristan has been collecting money for a visit to Blackpool which has now been cancelled. He has very generously donated the money to our Smarty Tube collection. Wow!!” – Miss Tomkinson

Year 10 – Taygan Irvine (not available for photo) – “Taygan was off school and still completed his big write from that lesson. The big write was excellent and I was very impressed that he had completed the work in such a developed way even though he hadn’t been in the lesson.” – Miss Penrice

Year 11 – Byron Hully – (not available for photo) – “Byron is to be commended for his outstanding English creative writing assessment. It was amazing and he’s a really talented writer.” – Mrs Fox

Sixth Form – Kai Savage & Owen Proud – “Kai & Owen are to be commended for very professional practical skills in Physics and outstanding results. Well deserved!! – Mrs Kelso

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