Student of the Week

Out latest group of Student of the Week winners have today been awarded their certificate from Mrs Jackson.

Well done to all of the students, some of whom are pictured below. Those who were unavailable for the presentation have still received their certificate and 99 achievement points!

Year 7 – TJ Cueto

Nominated by Mr Walker AND Miss Timney! “Excellent effort in Maths” – Mr Walker “Talented artist and always gives 110%” – Miss Timney

Year 8 – Tilli Parker

“Tilli has been working exceptionally hard in Maths since we came back. Her presentation of work, particularly multiplying without a calculator is very good. A great start to Year 8 made.”

Year 9 – Macie Christianson Nominated by Mr North for her “fantastic contribution in class in English.”

Year 10 – Cody Fyfe Nominated by her tutor Mr Stevenson “She is quietly and studiously chipping away at her work and picking up reward points. Modesty is an underrated virtue methinks.”

Year 11 – Ciaran Boyd “for his excellent engineering design work.”

Sixth Form – Nathan Parsley & Sophie Munson “Amazing work in Product Design as well as being excellent role models for our younger students.”

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