Student of the Week – 17th January 2022

Year 7 – Tyler Richards – Tyler is to be commended for his consistently amazing effort; he is always striving to do more than is asked of him; he is a pleasure to teach and a brilliant young man; he should be very proud of his effort and ATL. – Mr Johnson

Year 8 – Ryley Henry – Ryley is to be commented for always coming in to tutor on time and saying good morning; he is polite and cares about others, he lends them equipment if they do not have it. Well done! – Miss McBlain

Year 9 – Alan Jackson – Alan is to be commended for going the extra mile and completing extra work during online teaching. Well done! – Mrs Dawson

Year 10 – Eden Holmes – Eden is to be commended for making a great start in Business Studies. Well done! – Mr Charlton

Year 11 – Zach Benson Lester – Zach is to be commended for receiving ‘Man of the Match’ at Liverpool in a fantastic win versus one of the country’s top school sides – Mr Harrison

Year 11 – Elisha McAvoy – Elisha is to be commended for working incredibly well in Maths. Well done! – Mr Walker

Year 11 – Anastazja Ringart – Anastazja is to be commended for her amazing speaking work in French. Well done! – Mrs Jahromi

Sixth Form – Sophie Munson – Sophie is to be commended for continued perseverance, even when some topics are challenging. Well done! – Mr Charlton

Sixth Form – Matei Lungu – Matei is to be commended for his excellent first required practical work in Physics. Well done! – Mrs Kelso

Sixth Form – Sienna Guy – Sienna is to be commended for excellent work in Sociology. Well done! – Mrs Muncaster

Sixth Form – Ava Leadbetter – Ava is to be commended for her outstanding work Chemistry. Well done! – Mrs Kirkup

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