This week we have hosted a group of students from Tanzania as part of the cultural exchange charity ‘Cumbria-Rungwe Community Link.’

The charity is the longest-running commonwealth youth exchange charity, with a mission to link young people in West Cumbria to students in Rungwe, Tanzania.

Sixth students and two teachers from the Rungwe District of Tanzania are staying with local host families in the community. They spent their first week taking part in a range of activities with St Benedict’s students and staff.

As well as activities at St Benedict’s, the group are also visiting other schools as well as local fire & police stations, youth groups and museums.

Mrs Lee from St Benedict’s said of the visit:

“This is a fantastic cultural exchange programme, we always learn as much from our visitors as they do from us.”

“They get to see how we operate, both within school and West Cumbria as a whole. The visitors give us their impressions on everything and how it compares to life at home.”

“For our students, they get to ask questions and find out more about life in Rungwe first hand form their peers.”

The visitor are now taking part in the rest of their visit at other local schools in the area.