Modern Foreign Languages Transition Information

Year 6 Taster Day Modern Foreign Languages:

Bonjour!     Guten Tag!     Hola!

Hi and welcome to the Modern Languages Department.

We hope you are looking forward to joining us at St. Benedict’s and are as excited about learning languages as we are.

We currently offer three foreign languages, French, German and Spanish, but in Year 7 everyone will be studying French.

If you have already learned some French in your primary school, that’s great, but if not, don’t worry, as we don’t expect all new students to have prior knowledge of this language.

At the start of your course, you will study topics such as introducing yourself & giving personal details, counting numbers to 30, describing objects with colours, talking about your family & pets and describing yourself & other people.

We aim to make learning languages a really enjoyable experience for everyone and will support and encourage you at all times to help you develop the language skills: listening, reading, writing and of course speaking. This will help you to become more confident in understanding and communicating in the foreign language, which will be useful in later life.

Practising language skills in real-life situations is very important, so we have organised summer term trips to amazing foreign destinations including, Paris, Normandy and parts of Germany, which we hope to continue.                                                      

We are very proud of the many fantastic achievements of our students in Modern Languages and very much look forward to meeting you.

Au revoir et à bientôt !   

Mrs Hannan,         Mrs Jahromi,       Mrs Savage,      Mrs Needham,       Mr Arins