The Maths Department were thrilled to welcome Colin Wright in yesterday to talk to our Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 Mathematicians.

Colin Wright is a Mathematician, Juggler and Communicator. He graduated in Pure Mathematics at Monash University, Melbourne, and went on to get a PhD at Cambridge.

While there he learned how to fire-breathe, unicycle, and juggle. These days he is director of a company that specialises in software for marine radar, but is spending more and more time to give talks all over the world, focusing on how maths emerges from, and can be found in, the most unexpected places. St Benedict’s were pleased to welcome to him to talk to our students! 

Year 10 students looked at the underlying patterns and Maths behind juggling and created a new 5 ball trick! 

Year 11 students calculated the distance to the moon using Pythagoras and Algebra. It was roughly 380,000km!! 

Sixth form students looked at Patterns and Proofs and why they failed!

Miss Hunter said”

“Thank you so much Colin. The sessions were so interesting and really enjoyable!”