Library Now Open

You can now use the school library after school in a socially distanced way – with certain year groups allowed to use it on certain days. 

The library will be split into 2 separate areas in the after school sessions so that your year group bubbles do not mix.  This will be supervised by the librarian.

You will need to wipe and sanitise your work area when you arrive and when you leave and you must stay in your area of the library so you do not cross your year group bubble.

You will need to give your name and tutor group to the librarian when you arrive and when you leave.

The library is to be used for purposeful activities – reading for pleasure; homework; research, portfolio work and revision.

If you need access to resources please ask the librarian.  You can use the Accessit app on your phone to see what resources the library has.

Sixth form will have access to the study room next to the library every session.

These are the days your year group can use the library after school:

Term Time Only  Monday 2.30-3.30pmFriday 2.30-3.30pm
Computers & Desks near the computers1110789
Desks Only – to the left hand side of the library as you walk9811107

If you have any queries please see the librarian or Mr Charlton

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