Letter from Mrs Jackson – Buses September 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers

We have today been informed that the following Stagecoach bus routes have been withdrawn from September. These are service buses, not designated/ commissioned school buses however, we are aware that some of you may rely on these routes to get your children to school.

The routes affected are as follows:

Route number 33:

Whitehaven, Pelican Garage departs 07:53

Bransty, The Crescent departs 07:55

Whitehaven, Duke Street departs 08:01

Meadow Road/ Uldale Road departs 08:09

Mirehouse Shops departs 08:14

St Benedict’s departs 08:22 and the return route

Route 33a:

Greeenbank departs 07:52

Kells, Haig Pit departs 08:01

Corkickle departs 08:09

Mirehouse Shops departs 08:14

St Benedict’s departs 08:25 and the return route

We have contacted the Local Authority on your behalf and they will contact Stagecoach to see if they intend to provide an alternative service. However, we thought it was important to contact you as soon as possible so that you can arrange alternative transport for your child if necessary. If we receive any further information from either Stagecoach or the Local Authority we will let you know straight away.

We have included a link to the Stagecoach website should you wish to contact them: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/regional-help-and-contact/cumbria-and-north-lancashire/complaints-and-feedback

We are extremely disappointed, as we know you will be, that Stagecoach has withdrawn these services and we were totally unaware until this morning that they had done so. We hope that this advance notice can be of some help.

Yours faithfully

Emma Jackson

Head Teacher

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