Letter from Mrs Jackson – 14th July 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers

As we approach the end of term, I would like to provide you with some information that might ease the transition in September. Below is a list of the tutor groups for each year group.  Pupils currently in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 will continue in the same tutor group moving into their new year group. For example, pupils in 7 Lucy will move up to 8 Lucy.  The list also gives you details of the Head of Year and the Learning Mentor for each year group from September. Please be aware that we have some new staff in September, so your child may not recognise the name of their Tutor.

If you have any queries please access the ’contact school staff button’ on the school’s website and choose pastoral query.  Your email will then be passed onto the appropriate person.

We are aware that some primary schools have issued end of year reports. Every school has a statutory responsibility to issue a report on an annual basis.  We have already issued one report for pupils in every year group this academic year.  We feel it would be unfair and unreliable to issue end of year grades for home learning, and therefore reports will not be distributed until the next academic year.  If you have a specific concern about a subject, please contact the department via our website.

Full timetables and room allocations will be given to pupils at the start of term as usual. I will write to you just before the start of term to update you of any changes following the review of our COVID risk assessment.

Thank you for your continued support through these unprecedented times, it is very much appreciated.

Stay safe

Emma Jackson

Head Teacher

Tutor List PDF – Download

YEAR SEVEN Bernadette Mr North
HEAD OF YEAR: Francis Mrs Thomason
Mrs Young/Miss Hunter John Miss Tremble
Josephine Mr Marr
LEARNING MENTOR Kolbe Mrs Woodcock/ Mrs Wainwright
Mrs Goodwin Lucy Miss Thompson
Teresa Mr Harrison
Assembly Day: Thursday Joseph Mr Irving
YEAR EIGHT Bernadette Mr James
HEAD OF YEAR: Francis Mr Boal
Mrs Dawson John Mr Etisoy
Josephine Mrs Kirkup
Mrs Tegg Lucy Miss Gilchrist
Teresa Mr Foster / Mrs Williams
Assembly Day: Friday Joseph Mr Poddington
YEAR NINE Bernadette Mrs Freestone
HEAD OF YEAR: Francis Mr Arins
Mrs Warneford John Mr Peck
LEARNING MENTOR Josephine Mr Hamilton
Mrs McKennna Kolbe Mrs Longbone
Lucy Miss Tomkinson
Assembly Day:Monday Teresa Mr Spires
YEAR TEN Bernadette Mr Humphries / Mrs Needham
Francis Mr Kerr
HEAD OF YEAR: John Mr Williamson
Mrs Hannan Josephine Mr Stephenson
Miss Tinkler Lucy Mrs Jahromi
Teresa Mr Leightell
Assembly Day: Wednesday Joseph Mr Habberjam
YEAR ELEVEN Bernadette Mrs Webb-Shirley
HEAD OF YEAR: Francis Miss Mitchell
Mrs Muncaster John Mr Sale
LEARNING MENTOR Josephine Ms Casson
Mrs Wells Kolbe Miss O’Fee
Lucy Mrs Bragg / Mr Davies
Assembly Day: Tuesday Teresa Miss Scott

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